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It all starts with a Like

The ability to easily connect via the Internet is available to anyone with an email or social media account, but making new friends or staying in touch with the ones you already have requires effort.

I’ve been tracking posts that have been placed by an outsourcing company and, interestingly, the posts were not engaging – few or no likes, comments or shares – even though the content was good quality.

I’m intrigued with the idea of outsourcing. If it’s possible for someone else to automatically post without my having to worry about it – wow, that would be great. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work – unless you are part of the process.

Outsourced posts often lack the personality of the business owner, missing a conversational opportunity, their fingerprint if you will. By incorrectly sharing someone else’s posts you can leave coveted followers confused and unsure about how to engage. Including your reason for posting is essential when it comes to guiding the conversation and making an authentic connection.

Beyond the Post

Curated posts – ones that are part of your brand story and represent the “why” of sharing – are an essential part of successful social marketing.

Businesses also thrive on social media for these important reasons:

  • They work at staying connected in a predictable way
  • They share, like and review other businesses
  • They support their followers through two-way conversations
  • They use photos and videos to help tell their story

There’s an ongoing relationship, a connection that makes up community. We connect with a post, comment or share in a way that confirms our values. Try endorsing something you don’t like or believe in and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Grow your community now

When you Like a post or page, you are giving it a thumbs up and letting the business know they’ve reached you, you are interested in their content, and that you are following them.

A Share acts like an endorsement – putting your reputation behind a product or service, a compliment. And ultimately, a Review is the best way to support those businesses you know and love. Nothing is better than a 5-star review with a few sentences as to why you know, love and endorse the product or service for the reciprocal value of community building.

Practice these simple social connections regularly and when it’s your turn to sell, your community will be there.

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