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Digital Marketing Management

When marketing gears of communication come together to educate, inform and entertain, your community will grow in the most natural and authentic way possible.

Consider your marketing an opportunity to have a conversation. Teach us about what you do. Tell us your story in a new and interesting way. And when we need your product or service, we’ll know you’re the right company for the job because we will know you. It's a uniquely different experience from the traditional sales model.

The beautiful thing is that the World Wide Web allows us the opportunity to showcase our authentic offerings in a way that can be discovered and shared like never before. If you’re wondering just how to go about that, then you've come to the right place.

Celebrating 10 years in business!

Solid marketing principles, thoughtfully designed user experience, and pro-active community building are the three pillars of online success.

Lynn Moore

Twitter and Crowdfunding: A Case Study

Twitter and Crowdfunding: A Case Study

According to one Twitter expert, I was told I had too few followers to be a legitimate social media marketer. To be viewed as an expert, I had to post eight times a day and retweet just as often to get a respectable following. That advice made me feel inadequate and wondering if she could be right. Maybe she was

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Clickbait: Sorting through the noise

Clickbait: Sorting through the noise

What is it that captures your valuable attention and precious time? Sorting through the inquiries, offers and educational materials online has become an overwhelming task and getting that attention has become a frenzy of sensational headlines and cute animal videos. As Wikitionary defines it and as online marketers call it: Clickbait sends many of us chasing those cute animals or

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Tending Your Data Garden

Tending Your Data Garden

Blowing in the wind Clients and potential clients ask me how they can come to the top of Google, how to use pay per click and where can they buy an email list of names to get their product or service in front of thousands of potential customers. Unfortunately the new marketing model just doesn’t work that way. The truth

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Lynn Moore is available to speak to your group about trends in social marketing, building lasting communities and how-to for social media. Contact us for availability.

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