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Is my website too old?

Like many business owners, I want my website to be done and forget about it, but oh, if it were only that simple. Recently I had more than a few potential clients ask me, “what do you do anyway?” and it got me realizing how outdated my website was. My business model has changed since I made the last upgrade to “Web 2.0”; even that terminology is sorely outdated.

The technology my site was built on is expiring, and soon it will no longer be supported. Being supported means how the site behaves (or doesn’t behave) with the most current browsers like Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari. It also means my site is susceptible to security issues. A hacked site means serious trouble.

The good news is my business keeps developing… technology keeps getting better… and alas, so should my website. It’s a daunting task even for someone with all the resources at my “fingertips”.MMO screen shot 022112

Ask yourself these questions and see if it might be time for a refresh or a new site:

  • Are the products I offer still relevant and described accurately?
  • Are there any new products or services I’m looking to introduce?
  • Are there certain products I want to highlight over others? Conversely are there those that I’m looking to phase out?
  • Is my “about” or “bio” information current? Has anything happened in the last year that’s noteworthy of adding?
  • Do I need to add my social media outlets?
  • Does my site work on a tablet or mobile phone?

What Are QR Codes Anyway?

Our friends at MediaM8 created this great video explaining QR codes and how they can be used. QR codes give your clients access to up-to-date information without you having to repeatedly change and print your marketing materials.

Your clients scan a QR code from your poster, flyer, or postcard with their mobile devices which directs them to your up-to-date website, contact information, or they can even call you right away without having to write down, memorize, or even dial your number. How cool is that!

[Video goes here]
Keep Your Marketing Up-to-Date with QR Codes
This 2-minute video is a fun lesson — enjoy! Thanks MediaM8!

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