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How did you get here?


paper_airplane_275x208Don’t you wonder how people find websites? Did someone tell you about Moore Marketing Online, or Lynn Moore? Did you get an email, click a link, get a post card, see an ad?

Was it just by chance—not likely.

You landed here because you have a need or a curiosity and wonder if Moore Marketing might be able to fulfill that need. You may also have been visiting another site that links to Moore Marketing and decided to follow the thread to see where it took you.

Now that you’re here
This is our opportunity to let you know how we can help and what we can do to help you create a web presence and sell your product or service.

At Moore Marketing Online—MMO—we offer many levels of service and offer solutions that meet our clients’ individual and specific needs. Lynn Moore takes a holistic approach to creating websites through sound information architecture centered on the user experience.

Lynn maps the user experience based on what your visitors need and want. Sound planning will take an audience where they need to go to get their needs met on your site. Her seasoned project management experience keeps your project on time, on budget and on target.

A website just isn’t enough.
It’s no accident you have landed here. Something or someone drove you here. Behind a successful website is great marketing—a marketing plan that can be executed in such a way that it is in effect at all times—feeding the selling cycle. Simple and deliberate.

In addition to hands-on site development, Lynn brings over 25 years of marketing experience to every site she creates. She has a talent for branding, SEO and marketing for online sales results. Her entrepreneurial approach is based on sound business sense and the ability to work creatively within budget.

Call Moore Marketing to help you with:

  • Building new sites and refreshing old ones.
  • Write copy for content driven search results for organic results.
  • Email marketing as a business partner with Constant Contact.
  • Social networking with Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Coach you in branding and marketing for the Internet.

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