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Google Glass


Right, not Google Glasses — Google Glass.

The future is now — that is, if you were lucky enough to be one of the 8,000 people in America selected to get early access. Google was smart, they got aspiring Glass owners to send in a statement about what they would do with the new gadget. Boy, do they know how to market or what? Give it away and get back a beta-tested product with feedback they could never have imagined.

Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical
head-mounted display that is under development by
Google Project Glass. Google Glass displays information
in a smartphone-like hands-free format that is designed
to interact with the Internet via natural language voice

For example, the new gadget lets you take a photo with a slow wink or tweet with your eyes.
While the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them, Google is considering partnerships with sunglass retailers such as Ray-Ban or Warby Parker, and may also open retail stores to allow customers to try on the device.

Google has confirmed that Glass will eventually work with frames and lenses that match the wearer’s prescription; the glasses will be modular and therefore possibly attachable to normal prescription glasses. Glass is being developed by Google X, which has worked on other futuristic technologies such as driverless cars.

Click here to see what Google wants you to “see” about their new glass. Click image below to see what it’s really like!


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